Hilary Hardwick

Dear Jenny

I attended this show with my elderley Mother (89), two sisters and one brother-in-law. Unfortunately none of the smaller members of our family were available, because they missed a great afternoon of entertainment. A lot of effort had gone into this show and I wanted you to know that my little group found all the events, from the music as we arrived, the dancing on the tables, the singers (our Mum was singing along with that), the competition for the best treat catcher in the dog world through to the egg catching, which incidently, I for one had not seen before (it was obviously popular).

Yes, the sun did shine, and we all know what a difference that makes. But it was all the attention to detail. Loved the wanted poster of the spiv hotly persuied by the ‘bobby’and of course, duck race. Oh, and the dapper fellow doing the comentry on not only the dog events but through to the children’s running races and the egg catching. I thought he did a marvellous job. He had such comedy and style.

Then the fly past – I am sure that is no mean feat by those pilots, not to mention their time and fuel.

I could not stay to the very end, Mum was tiring a little, but I said to her as we came away that I must write to let these organising people know just how much we had enjoyed the show. Long live this (I like to think)very english tradition.

And finally, the venue. What a beautiful spot, so thanks too to The Old Mill and their staff.

Yours sincerely

Hilary Hardwick
1 Sept 2012

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